Google Ads Management

Google gets over 86 million total monthly visits. That’s a lot of traffic and a marketing opportunity that you can’t ignore. Google Ads can help you to reach your target audience via Google Search, Google Maps, Google Play, or YouTube. Not only can it give you massive reach, but also transparency and flexibility to ensure that your marketing efforts deliver maximum impact.

As a Facebook advertising agency, Seagull has a talented team of social media experts and creative designers who know what it takes to develop and implement effective Facebook ad campaigns for Ecommerce, SaaS, and Tech companies.

Ninety-seven percent of Google’s revenue comes from online pay-per-click advertising. While the
minimum bid per keyword is 5 cents in AdWords, the high-cost keywords are nowhere near that.
Because you are paying for each click, we implement only the best practices that include:

  • High-Quality Scores: High AdWords Quality Scores can lower your CPC and help you pay less for
    the most successful keywords. We divide keywords into appropriate campaigns and ads and use
    targeted ad text to improve Quality Scores and better keyword rankings.
  • Specificity: We don’t take a “shotgun” approach to Adwords. We target very specific and limited
    in each campaign.
  • Negative Keywords: Irrelevant keywords result in costly clicks that will never drive conversions,
    and when bidding on the most expensive keywords, negative keywords are absolutely essential.
    We use negative keywords to ensure that your ads don’t show up for searches that are unrelated
    to your marketing goals.
  • Landing Page Optimization: While most AdWords conversion rates stay around 2%, we will
    often see landing pages convert at 20% or even 30%. We design and optimize landing pages for
    maximum conversion rates.
  • Keyword Research

  • Generate ad copies

  • Generate ad images and videos

  • Select GEO location

  • Select audience with targetted keywords

  • Activate ad, monitor CTR, CPL, CPV, CPA

Benefits of Google Ads

If you’re an advertiser who wants to start capitalizing on the astronomical number of searches that take place on Google daily, and quickly earn the attention you need to grow your bottom line, there’s no better way to start than by signing up to use Google Ads.

  • Google’s massive reach

  • Capabilities that allow for a range of targeting

  • Harness intent

  • Bring any budget to the table

  • Get quicker results than with SEO

  • Earn more conversions

Google Ads Management








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