Global Delivery Centre

Our global network of delivery centers and centers of excellence allows us to deliver a fully-customize solution, on an onshore, nearshore or offshore basis.

These solutions are tailored entirely depending on your needs, across IT, Engineering and Life Sciences. Our team of experts committed to building them on time and within budget.

Our Delivery Centers are where we service multiple clients and a range of projects, often requiring many specialist services. We employ our own project management methodologies, processes and tools.

Global delivery model (GDM) refers to the assets and competencies (IT skills/labor resources, tools, policies and procedures, methodologies, infrastructure, management, human resource functions, and delivery processes) of an organization’s service provider (internal or external) to source skills from global locations for IT/business benefit. In an optimized GDM, the disparate set of resources comes together seamlessly; factors such as high process maturity and a secure and scalable global infrastructure supported by significant investments to mitigate or manage risk are critical.

  • Project & Program Management

  • Application Development

  • Field Services Dispatch coordination

Benefits of Global Delivery Centre

This model sources local solutions and incorporates them into a global network with the strength to deliver results for any client, regardless of the scope of need. OpenTeQ’s standard operating protocols, scalable approach, flexibility, specialized technology skills, proximity to clients, cost advantages, time-zone advantages and economies of scale provide you with seamless support regardless of your location.

  • Highly scalable and flexible resources

  • Quick response to changing client demands

  • Offers 24*7 resources convenience

  • Cost-effective solutions delivered through a global operating model

Global Delivery Centre








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